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20th February 2013 

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Some tony/steve bc I need more of them.

practicing some muscles~

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This is for igavethatbitchalink one of the first few people that first sent me a nice message and I would like to do something nice. Tony as a bottom (which I love him as by the way, big bottom tony fan) and ol’ Cap giving it to him. I might color this later, all depends.

Very nice style! This is hot XD

OH MY GOSH BEAUTIFUL. UGHHHH look at their FACES and BODY HAIR and muuuscclesssss and ugh what a pretty dick <3 <3 <3 LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHH and the position! omgosh tony all arching his back and steve hOLDING him on his thighs like YES PLEASE

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a commission~!! v fun actually! *u*

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Got commissioned for some flat colored Solkats a while ago.  I’m glad to have them done~ it’s been a long time since I’ve drawn my stupid idiot babies. <3

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quick sketch since i won’t be home tonight :V 

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NSFW Headcanon: Steve loves the way Tony's ass bounces and jiggles against him when he takes him from behind ;)


Yeeeeeee bb ;)

Steve’s always loved Tony’s jiggly ass in all contexts - it’s one of his best features - but there really is nothing more satisfying than seeing his dick disappear between those gorgeous, round cheeks. The jiggle that follows as the smooth skin ripples around and against him (especially after he gives Tony’s ass a couple of good ol’ slaps) never fails to make Steve blow like a volcano. 

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Some old sketches I meant to put up a while ago.

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Mmmm I am a Stony fan. I just love them Sooo Much….

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