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I am scum but I can’t have been the first one to think of this

The art and original character here was made by the lovely pancakepornography! I just did a bunch of editing and custom animating. the original work is here.

damnit tumblr, stop breaking all of my gifs


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I wanted this year’s It’s-my-birthday-I-do-what-I-want pic to be SuffPsii porn, but of course they’d be all tender about it X3

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shower sex or something yeaaaAh

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Pain at the back of his head: Steve was yanking on his hair firmly. Tony’s eyes shot open, met Steve’s steely gaze. “You look at me,” Steve growled.

"America isn’t chicken" by Amuly

I can’t really describe what this scene did to me (dominant!Steve maybe haha) so here is a drawing because words are not my strongest point  (◕‿◕✿)

oh my gosh. Oh my GOOOOOSHHHHHH AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh my goooooshhhn I was scrolling down my dash and thought to myself “oh man gorgeous I wish I had written something with commander Rogers so this could be my fic” and then I kept scrolling and was like “wait I DID write commander Rogers and that’s one of her favorite fics of mine OMGOSH!!!!!

the way you captured Tony’s eye here! oh man, his eye is just KIIILLING me. Because you managed to capture EXACTLY how gay Tony is for Steve at this point in the novel, you got EXACTLY how in love and desperate and super super gay Tony is for Steve. And the way Steve is looking back at Tony, sooooooo in love and gay and ughhhhhhh their eeeyesssss are so super perfect!!!

and you remembered Tony’s busted wrist which is something I totally forgot the first time I wrote this scene and had to go back and edit in, hahahaha. And wowwwww their thighs and the tangled pants and yessssss dominate Steve all the way for me too

AND. image

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Cropped part of a commission where the commissioner asked for Mr. July! Yes, it might indeed be based on a certain fic with the same name.

suddenly almost naked steve in your dashes

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Stony loving to kick off this blog. 

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warning: NSFW stuff below

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A clean(er) sketch of the first page of a four page comic I was commissioned for.

The commission is humanstuck tinySol/baraKat the first time Karkat tops.  I’m glad I’ve been able to work on it. QuQ

They’ll have a less sucky background apartment in glorious color

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